Touré Masters speaks on Maricopa Colleges Eliminating Football

Arizona Artist and Phoenix College alumni Touré Masters tells us how he feels about the Maricopa Community Colleges eliminating their football programs.


“It sucks on many levels. As a student, It was great to be meeting hard working passionate and inspiring people from all over world, and building great relationships with them. As a dreamer It hurts because it seems like there is always something in the way of us getting to where we are destined to be, and this is another one of those things. I feel it may break the spirit of not only the athletes but even strong supporting places in the city. Seeing how I went to a JUCCO I guess I maybe a little over passionate and one sided about it, but still it sucks.”


Our best of wishes go out to all Arizona football players still looking to break through the JUCCO level and succeed to their highest abilities.


Dear Roxy by Touré Masters was Shot on Phoenix College Campus!


Touré Masters x Finally Champion

November 30th 2017 Arizona Artist Touré Masters dropped his first full project in over 2 years! Finally Champion is a 13 record project full of everything we know Touré for and then some. Masters delivers songs for situations, people, and places everywhere. What stands out the most id how original this project sounds when it comes to most work he has already released. Another huge aspect bout this project is that this is the first time Touré Masters has had music on major platforms such as Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify and so on! Since the release supporters new and old have been getting behind this new project and giving it the push it needs to reach the masses.

“In time I plan to explain everything that happened that lead me to release such a huge random project like Finally Champion. Everything right now is just moving so fast and I don’t have all he answers, but I do know that God sparked the inspiration that made me make that move. What I do know is I’ve been fighting for so long to be an artist, to feel like an artist, and with this project and all its don’t already Ive made it to that point.”

Finally Champion:é_Masters_Finally_Champion?id=Bnjcrmxgbkgy2ol4sfcw3kuwy6u

Still Lonely

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Fitting In Isn’t Comfortable

New Work from Time Ice Photography with Touré Masters featuring Simone Holmes!

“So many of us are different, I never see why any makes it a goal to fit in. I feel like it is extremely important to just be yourself! I decide to shoot Simone in these oversized Billionaire Boy Club Jeans to symbolized not fitting in, in a very stylish way. She just made it look so much better.”






@touremasters x @_simone__

King Of The Chill Merchandise History

Its been a long creative process for Arizona Artist Touré Masters as an artist, especially during his King Of The Chill run. Between graduating college, and him taking such a dramatic loss in a sudden car accident, he admits that his feelings and mind have been all over the place. Outside of music Toure Masters has also use self expression through a variety of clothing pieces. Here we go through each one individually, giving insight on our very passionate artist.

“I Found My Chill” T-shirt


“I was at a point where I figured out what I needed to focus on and what I needed to excuse in order to reach my highest goals. The Chill is being open minded and having a very strong understanding of yourself and even others around you. Once I found that I went straight to work.”


“King Of The Chill” T-Shirt & Hoodie


“Referring to myself as the King Of The Chill is really just me being the master of myself. Just knowing how I function and what makes my world come together. So seeing others wearing this piece says to me that they have done the same with them selves, and that kind of support and being able to relate not hat level means everything to me.”


“Alone” hoodie


“As sad as being alone sounds, sometimes it best for a lot of us. Sometimes its the easiest way to solve a lot of problems that come about in life. I think Im speaking for all artist when I say we, as artist, do feel alone in many different ways. Not to get to deep into that, at least not now, but this piece is special to me because It reminds me of all thing things I hard to over come alone, all the things that seemed as if they were knocking me down, but ended up pushing me forward. Plus seeing fans where it shows me Im never really alone.”


“Battle” T-shirt


“Chasing dreams and competing no matter what field you are in, will always have its own battles. “Find Your Chill and Win Your Battle” means that you have to find an understanding in the business you are in, in order to succeed. There is so much for one to protect as a dreamer and even more to be sacrificed, but you have to see it as a battle and fight for it.”


“From The Ashes”  T Shirt


“The shirt was in spired by two things specifically. The story of the phoenix, and the car accident I took part in that changed my life drastically. The story of the phoenix is so dope to me because it gives hope for another chance. This huge beautiful bird full of flames sores to new limits until it burns out. Then it is re born from its ashes better than it ever was! I felt with my car blowing up and my Mac book containing all my music plus other important belongings where in it, that I was living the cycle of the phoenix. All of that struggle and stress was my flame burning out and from that King Of The Chill was born again. Not to mention Im from Phoenix Arizona so its just destiny and pretty dope. Im actually doing this piece in as a hoodie as well”


As you can see Touré Masters is an exceptional artist and person in general. We ask you all continue to support him and push him to reach his most valued goals. Keep an eye out for his “From The Ashes” Hoodies releasing soon!


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Touré Masters – More changes on upcoming project “King Of The Chill”

Arizona Artist Touré Masters says it may take a little longer for him to give us his long awaited project “King Of The Chill” do to a few necessary changes.

“So much has been going on in my life through this process of putting together King Of The Chill, and through it all I just want it to be the best it can be. So I’m cutting a few more records and making new ones that I feel fit more of who I am as an artist. On top of that I didn’t want to be the one singing on all of them so I have a few other artist putting down vocals for me, The project is most certainly going to be worth the wait, It’s just taking longer than I thought.”

As we wait for King Of The Chill we still have projects such as “Les Super Héro Ne Meurent Jamais” and “Gangstier Bien Eduqué” to vibe to for now.

M-E-L-A-N-I-N that’s how we spell POWER P1

New work from Time Ice Photography with Touré Masters featuring the beautiful Simone Holmes!

“It’s was my first time working with her, and I feel like she killed it. She is extremely beautiful, mad chill, and I look at her and see that she is a very powerful women. I love how the pictures came out.”

@touremasters x @_sim0ne__

Touré Masters: From The Ashes

Two years ago Touré Masters was driving to the Maricopa County Community College Black Student Convocation, when suddenly his car caught flames. Touré Masters and Francis Bermudez, who was also in the car, made it out before the entire vehicle was a full ball of fire. Touré Masters talks about this experience and what he took from it.


” It most definitely impacted my life on many different levels. I lost a lot in the fire and even more outside of it. It was my first car, the only car Ive ever wanted. My dream car and I bought it with money I made off my dream of being a rapper. The blink of an eye in which something can be completely gone, is what I took most from this situation. Never has my life went down into flames that fast, literally. ”


Touré Masters is big on self expression, so of course we aren’t surprised to see such a dramatic part of his life recreated into art. Touré Masters goes over his new “From The Ashes” T shirts. ( Photos feature model Michael Lauren)

” These shirts are very important to me because they cover so much. The story of the Phoenix, where this beautiful bird obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor, Me being from the city of Phoenix, and the near death situation where I could have burned in my dream car. Its just all so deep to me and it is certainly a story I feel my fans should know. I plan on explaining more of it through my art in hopes everyone can find a way to relate to it.”

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A Deeper look into the life and story of Arizona artist Touré Masters