Touré Masters x Gangster Bien Eduqué

Touré Masters releases his second project of the year “Gangster Bien Eduqué”. We are still awaiting his of the chill, but these 5 track projects Masters has been delivering have certainly keep his fans satisfied.

“My goal with this project was to take the dark negative place they made out of the hood and gangs, and show them the positives them come out of it. I am a perfect example of that.”




Gangster Bien Eduqué –

Touré Masters x Growth

15724772_1537312276297980_7745632122289547574_oTouré Masters has held a solid position as a top artist in Arizona for a number of years now. Although he has managed to stay true to his art, he hasn’t changed much since his debut  single “Dear Roxy”.  Touré Masters certainly displayed a large amount of growth and improvement with his art. Recently Masters has announced that he will be taking down all of his old work, but is encouraging all of his fans to go get it while they can. is selling a Touré Masters full digital discography for $53.00. The plan is to give his fans until April 11th to pick up all his music before he takes it down. To get the Full digital discography click the link before.



Dear Roxy –


Touré Masters – Youth Leader

Touré Masters had an awesome performance at Annual MLK Youth Celebration which included a crowd of 250 elementary students. As Masters continues to show us how much of a leader he is in our community, we can also see his growth as an artist! I urge you to do all you can to support him and his journey. 16195176_1568474599848414_3014996279105819417_n.jpg

Recently Masters was featured in the Arizona Informant again. Grab yourself a copy and view the write up on your young youth leader and the Phoenix college NAACP/BSU.


Purchase music by Touré Masters by clicking the link below

Touré Masters – L’argent De L’art


Touré Masters gives us “L’argent De L’art”. A passion powered, story filled project, again showing us how creative and original Touré can be. L’argent De L’art translate into “Money of Art” in English. As Masters proceeds to grow and improve as an artist, it is more obvious how much potential he holds. Purchase L’argent De L’art by clicking the link below.


L’argent De L’art


Touré Masters x The Magic


Touré Masters strikes again with passion filled record along with visuals delivering a strong and necessary message. Not only is February the month we celebrate black history, but it is also when we celebrate Touré’s birthday, and what perfect timing for such an uplifting piece of work. The visuals feature Recording artist Stefani Monet,  and models Ashley Maleya, Nyah Dixon, Nicole James and Sacoria McGriff. The entire project was shot in Bel-Air Studios ran by Saudi Elliston

“As an artist I feel its my responsibility to make  positive, powerful, and timeless music such as this record.” -Touré Masters


The Magic



A Deeper look into the life and story of Arizona artist Touré Masters