M-E-L-A-N-I-N that’s how we spell POWER P1

New work from Time Ice Photography with Touré Masters featuring the beautiful Simone Holmes!

“It’s was my first time working with her, and I feel like she killed it. She is extremely beautiful, mad chill, and I look at her and see that she is a very powerful women. I love how the pictures came out.”


@touremasters x @_sim0ne__


Touré Masters: From The Ashes

Two years ago Touré Masters was driving to the Maricopa County Community College Black Student Convocation, when suddenly his car caught flames. Touré Masters and Francis Bermudez, who was also in the car, made it out before the entire vehicle was a full ball of fire. Touré Masters talks about this experience and what he took from it.


” It most definitely impacted my life on many different levels. I lost a lot in the fire and even more outside of it. It was my first car, the only car Ive ever wanted. My dream car and I bought it with money I made off my dream of being a rapper. The blink of an eye in which something can be completely gone, is what I took most from this situation. Never has my life went down into flames that fast, literally. ”


Touré Masters is big on self expression, so of course we aren’t surprised to see such a dramatic part of his life recreated into art. Touré Masters goes over his new “From The Ashes” T shirts. ( Photos feature model Michael Lauren)

” These shirts are very important to me because they cover so much. The story of the Phoenix, where this beautiful bird obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor, Me being from the city of Phoenix, and the near death situation where I could have burned in my dream car. Its just all so deep to me and it is certainly a story I feel my fans should know. I plan on explaining more of it through my art in hopes everyone can find a way to relate to it.”

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Touré Masters x Bow Wow Let Me Down

In almost every interview Arizona Artist Touré Masters has been a apart of, he has been asked “Who’s is your favorite rapper” in one way or another. Masters answer always mentions his deceased uncle Taji “Swift” Muguercia & Shad “Bow Wow” Moss. Today Touré released a song called “Bow Wow Let Me Down”. The song covers Toure’s experience with supporting Bow Wow, and how certain things may have happened that affected the way Touré looks to his favorite rapper.


” I think I just grew up, and the struggles I faced not just as an artist but in life kinda clashed with things I seen him doing. As a very big fan of what he has done, its always gone be hard for me to talk negative about him. At the same time as an artist who works extremely hard to put out great music, I can’t let him fly with putting out wack records. I want to see him win, but when you doing all this corny shit and releasing trash music its mad disappointing. I won’t hate him and I can’t hate him, just need him to do better. You went triple platinum at 13 shit like the Bow Wow challenge shouldn’t even exist. At least not for what it is”


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Touré Masters on Being an Arizona Sports Fan

As we all know Touré Masters is an artist born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. Touré grew up playing a variety of sports and has always been a supporter of the Home team. Masters was asked how is experience as an Arizona Sports fan has been, and why is it so important. This is how he replied.


” Being born and raised here, it always been important to me as an artist to have the city behind me. Through my journey Ive learned how much support is needed for me to continue to succeed in chasing my dreams. I look at the Suns, D Backs, Mercury, Rattlers, Coyotes, and the Arizona Cardinals and it amazes me seeing the amount of responsibilities they hold on to. Also, I feel as an artist I also share a lot of those responsibilities. Responsibilities such as giving back to the community, having a powerful influence on our youth, representing Arizona, and so much more. It is a goal of mine to be looked at as a home team player on a level as Devin Booker, Brittney Griner, Larry Fitzgerald, and Paul Goldshmit. Meaning as much to the city of Phoenix as it does to me would be insane! As far as the experience being an Arizona fan man its been painful. It definitely has its ups, but its usually painful (as he laughs)”

Not often will you come across artist with such huge and inspiring goals as the ones being aimed for by Touré Masters. It certainly separates him and gives us more understanding on why he is the artist he is. To conclude, Masters left us with this.



” And yes I play with the Suns on 2k, The Cardinals on Madden, and The D Backs on MLB The Show, accepting all fades”

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Touré Masters x Far Away (Donald Trump Rally Phoenix Arizona)

It isn’t rare to find Arizona Artist Touré Masters on the front line at times like this in his community. Masters shares footage and photos of his experience at the Donald Trump Rally. Also give us a new poem titled “Far Away” that has a very familiar sound.

All Photos by Toure Masters



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Touré Masters x Les Super Héro Ne Meurent Jamais

A new body of work has been released by Arizona Artist Touré Masters called ” Les Super Héro Ne Meurent Jamais”. The title is french for super heroes never die. Touré is very consistent with displaying art from unique angels. The time around he seems to be doing so at a higher and even more impressive level. Please purchase “Les Super Héro Ne Meurent Jamais” now by clicking the link below.




Touré Masters on White Nationalist Protest

Its always great to know artist are aware and understand whats is going on in the world today. Arizona Artist Touré Masters speaks on the White Nationalist Protest.


“There is always light in the dark, and right now is a very dark time. Its scary to know that a the KKK is actually still as alive as it is even tho we know it never went away. The first thing I noticed in the videos was how many white people there were fighting with white people. That showed me there are some on our side, which is a little bit of the light in all of this. I need Donald Trump to separate himself from the KKK and to chose the right side of this problem. I don’t think the situation is anywhere near as bad as it can be but we can fix it before it gets there. All of our leaders need to come together and take the right steps to get us to where we have been fighting forever to be.”



A Deeper look into the life and story of Arizona artist Touré Masters